Wednesday, 11 August 2010

“Hollywood’s Bling Queen”

Trawling the internet to cure my morning boredom, i came across Melinda Maria's jewellery.
Known as " Hollywood's Bling Queen", Melinda's jewellery is highly popular with many celebrities, including one of Boho style favourites, Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa is such a fan of the range, she has a ring named after her. The "Vanessa Pod Ring - Blue Topaz" is £65.00 (middle photo). I also love and have seen Vanessa sport the "Mini Pod Bangle - White Diamond CZ" £90.00 each (top photo, shows bangles in bulk).

Melinda's jewellery philosophy is -
"to create beautiful, high quality jewelry that looks real, but is actually fine crafted costume jewelry. High fashion designs, carefully selected materials, and the craftsmanship of some of the best jewelers in the world come together to create stunning pieces that can be worn by celebrities on the red carpet or anytime you want to feel beautiful".

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  1. Wow the rings are fabulous and I thought they would be silly prices too I am going to go and check them out xoxo